We now have the F.A.T.S. firearms simulator at
Sportsman’s Lodge

$30 for 30min or $50 an hour

Previously only available to the Government and law enforcement community, the FATS firearms training simulator effectively reinforces marksmanship skills, judgmental shoot/don't shoot training objectives, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills. The single screen configuration includes both marksmanship training and video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program. The system also allows for immediate feedback and shot analysis.

Now the public can benefit from the training system used by elite
federal and local law enforcement agencies.

The system is capable of supporting training of multiple shooters simultaneously, using two (2) system controlled weapons, during judgmental video training. During individual marksmanship training, the system simulates indoor and outdoor range environments where each shooter may engage a different course of fire. In accordance with range safety/spacing guidelines, the system supports training of up to two (2) shooters simultaneously.

Glock 17 and Sig Sauer P226 currently available

This system is now available for rental in 30 minute intervals.
Call 336-961-3366 to schedule an appointment or stop
by and see the system in person.

Now you can take your firearms training to
the next level and save your ammo!!

fats Law Enforcement

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